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How to Write Birthday Invitation Wordings

birthday-invitationsYour Birthday marks the very day you had your initial breath outside your mother’s womb and inside this factual world. Therefore birthdays are also our “BREATHDAY”, and one amusing way to make your “breathday” extra special is to throw great parties. But how to make a party in the first place?

Social gatherings are as always systematically done. You either look or hire someone to organize such party for you or you do all the works. From the invitations down to the very day of the party. Since invitation has undeniably been one essential recipe to make parties a blast, here are some guidelines on how making your invitation remarkable.

  • Invitation Theme

Think of a theme, and then carefully pick a design that would best fit into your theme. To do this you have of course to weigh things out. Always consider your celebrant. The age, gender, its favourite and everything that could possibly turn on his or her attention. If you’re doing it for yourself then good, it’s hassle free. You know what interest you for sure. You can choose on different characters, on what’s hot and new, on what’s-up-on-the-minute and cool. Designing your own can even be more exhilarating, you can be chic and glitzy, or be hippy and jazzy. You actually can be just you.

  • Time Frame and Budget

Always weigh up your plans with your time frame and of course, your BUDGET  decide whether you’re going on a simple yet classy party, a profligate and sophisticated event or a wacky, and funny one. Yet always remember to be unique, either theme is good, plus uniqueness is excellent. Collaborate ideas from others, it’s one good way too. However, be tough and make sure one idea does not overlie with another or else everything will fail.

  • Style and Designs

Play with your theme. Try to be creative and obscure. Try not to be much bold and showy with your invitation so as not to spoil the surprises. Keep them mysterious as much, but detail your invitees just an idea on what to wear and look. Give them telltale sign on the element of the party but keep it minimal to keep the party even more thrilling and electrifying.

  • Invitation Details

Don’t mislead on the important finer points of your invitation—the date and time, the venue, and all important facts like parking and services. This is to at least empty some hesitation on the part of the guest regarding parking matters, which is most of the time their personal reason for not attending. This for sure makes your invitation more inviting.

Do not forget to indicate that the guest must bring the invitation so as to avoid unnecessary guest and even party crashers, just in case this is one common problem of your chosen spot. The more organized your party is the lesser worries you will have on the actual merrymaking.

  • Format and Font

Be careful in writing your invites. This is the most basic part of an invitation yet most errors are committed here. It has to be comprehensive and precise. Make sure to not overwhelm the writings with the design. Always consider the legibility of your writing—it’s font, font size, color and format. But do not dither to work a little drama or else your invitation would look more strict and unappealing.

  • Delivery

Be wise with your time frame. Invitations must be sent to the invitees as early as 2 weeks before the event. This should be considered a primary step in throwing out parties since this makes busy guest arranged their schedules ahead of time. Therefore giving you a clear-cut idea on how many guests will you expect and who are possibly attending your event.

  • Invitation Envelope

Never forget to keenly choose the envelope of your invitation. Aside from the fact that it keeps the invitation away from dirt and stains, it’s undeniably a lot formal and elegant to have it inside a gorgeous envelope. Do not hesitate to be playful with the envelope dear. Designs will be notable as they are placed in the envelope. Remember that the envelope is still part of what you made and is creating the first impression of your invitation.

Birthdays are most of the time prepared in a most memorable way. Where every photo captures great memories and every person takes part of that picture. It is but of course centered with fun and gratefulness. Made it be for a 1st time celebrant, the kiddos or the adults, there will always be that fulfillment inside after every celebration. Push the boat out and party like there’s no tomorrow, your shout for another year opening for you and rejoicing for the happy year you had. Make the most of your birthdays haunting and keep it greater every year.

One friendly reminder: Great celebration comes from an enormous and well organized party. And invitations play one good role in making it possible.

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